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Papers Archive - Previous meetings of the Social Stratification Research Seminars

This page features downloadable links to a small number of papers / publications available from previous Social Stratification Research Seminars.



2015 - Milan

  • Jenny Chesters: "Economic growth is good, or is it? Trends in the distribution of wealth 2001-2013" [pdf slides]
  • Andrea Maniscalco: "Linear trends in intergenerational transmission of the social position in Italy during the twentieth century" [pdf slides]
  • Cinzia Meraviglia and Maarten Buis: "Class, status and education: The influence of parental resources on IOE in Europe, 1893-1987" [pdf slides] [full text available open access: International Review of Social Research, 5(1): 35-60]
  • Roger Penn: "The enduring relevance of class analysis" [pdf slides]
  • Lutfi Sunar, Yunus Kaya, and Seran Demiral: "Building a socio-economic status index for Turkey" [pdf slides




2013 - Cambridge

  • Roxanne Connelly : "The Micro-Meritocracy: The distribution of 'merit' throughout 'big' class, 'micro' class and gradational representations of social structure" [pdf slides]
  • Cinzia Meraviglia, Deborah de Luca and Harry Ganzeboom: "Social distance, status and prestige: Towards a unique measure?" [pdf slides]
  • Paul Lambert, Dave Griffiths, Erik Bihagen and Richard Zijdeman: "Social distance of family and friends: Socio-economic and socio-demographic patterns" [pdf slides]
  • Vernon Gayle, Paul Lambert, Dave Griffiths and Mark Tranmer: "Measuring the influence of others: Exploring social connections in contemporary Britain" [pdf slides]
  • Dave Griffiths : "Domains of social distance" [pdf slides
  • Lindsay Richards: "Social capital, financial circumstances, and psychological well-being" [pdf slides
  • Dave Griffiths, Richard Zijdeman and Paul Lambert: "Bakers' sons aren't Butchers: Analysis of microclass immobility in the nineteenth century" [pdf slides




2012 - Cambridge

  • Tiago Bartholo: "Different Patterns of Between School Segregation in Public Schools in Brazil: The Case of Rio de Janeiro" [pdf slides] [Abstract]
  • Erik Bihagen, Paul Lambert: "Class and status: One or two forms of stratification?" [pdf slides]
  • Jane Elliott: "Imagining life at 60: social class and expectations about the third age among the 1958 British Birth Cohort" [pdf slides]
  • Antonie Knigge: "Extending family influence to three generationsEffects of grandfathers and uncles on status attainment in the Netherlands in the nineteenth century" [pdf slides]
  • Cinzia Meraviglia: "Social origin and educational outcomes The role of gender and family type as mediating factor" [pdf slides
  • Michael Smith: "Did rising inequality cause the 2007-2008 financial crisis?" [pdf slides




2010 - Utrecht

  • Deborah de Luca, Cinzia Meraviglia and Harry Ganzeboom: "Social distance and socio-economic status: Different dimensions or different indicators of occupational status? " [ppt slides]
  • Jani Erola: "Homogamy and socia structure over time in Finland" [pptx slides]
  • Harry Ganzeboom: "Error-corrected status attainment in a European perspective: An evaluation of status attainment information in the European Social Survey" [ppt slides] [Appendix doc]
  • Vernon Gayle, Damon Berridge and David Stott: "Social stratification and attitudes to education in contemporary Britain: A multivariate analysis of the British Youth Panel " [ppt slides]
  • Antonie Knigge, Ineke Maas and Marco van Leeuwen: "Total family impact on status attainment: Sources of sibling (dis)similarity" [ppt slides
  • Paul Lambert, Mark Birkin and Guy Warner: "Sociological classifications and simulation models of social inequality" [ppt slides
  • Zoltan Lippenyi: "What are the determinants of intergenerational mobility in Hungary? Comparing municipalities and periods before and during modernization" [ppt slides]
  • Roger Penn: "The changing social characteristics of skilled manual work: The 'Longue duree' in GB and the USA" [ppt slides]
  • Richard Zijdeman: "Ascription and acheivement from a historical contextual perspective: The Netherlands, 1887-1941" [ppt slides]
  • Paul Lambert: Additional demonstation session on the GESDE services [ppt slides



2009 - Cambridge

  • Anna Bagnoli and Jackie Scott: "Gender differences in young people's aspirations for their future" [ppt slides]
  • Fabio Bolzonao: "A developed welfare state in an unequal society: Italy as a case study" [ppt slides]
  • Steffen Hillmert: "Individual continuities, social mobility and cumulative inequalities along the life course" [ppt slides]
  • Jenny Jarman : "Gender inequality, modernisation and development in South and Southeast Asia" [ppt slides]
  • Paul Lambert, Richard Zijdeman, Ineke Maas, Ken Prandy, Marco van Leeuwen: "Inequality in recent history: Evidence from HIS-CAM scales" [ppt slides
  • Lucinda Platt, Simonetta Longhi and Cheti Nicoletti: "Disability and pay: a decomposition of the pay gaps of disabled men in the UK" [ppt slides
  • Kevin Ralston: "Social stratification, child-bearing outcomes and reproductive regimes" [ppt slides]
  • Pia Schober: "Can some women have it all? Social group differences in the parenthool effect re-examined" [ppt slides]
  • Michael Smith, Jenny Hunt, and Daniel Parent: "Pay differences by gender of University faculty" [ppt slides]
  • Gindo Tampubolon: "Intergeneration and intrageneration social mobility in Britain" [pdf slides]  [pdf text
  • Richard Zijdeman and Ineke Maas: "Beyond the local marriage market: The influence of mass communication and mass transport on geographical homogamy" [pdf slides


Final versions of many of the papers from this meeting were published as:





2007 - Stirling

  • Paul Lambert and Erik Bihagen: "Concepts and Measures - Empirical evidence on the interpretation of ESeC and other occupation-based social classifications" [draft paper (pdf)] [ppt slides]
  • Vernon Gayle, Susan Murray and Paul Lambert: "Youth transitions in the 1990's - Evidence from the Youth Cohort Studies" [ppt slides]
  • Gary Pollock: "Multiple Sequence Analysis: A contextualised narrative approach to longitudinal data" [ppt slides]



1996 - Cambridge


1995 - Cambridge



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