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Journal articles

Griffiths D., and Lambert, P.S. (2012) Dimensions and Boundaries: Comparative Analysis of Occupational Structures Using Social Network and Social Interaction Distance Analysis, Sociological Research Online, 17(2), 5, http://www.socresonline.org.uk/17/2/5.html

Technical Papers

TP1 Lambert, P, and Griffiths, D. (2009) Technical Appendix on Social Networks and Occupational Structure, Appendix to ESRC grant application.
TP2 Griffiths, D. and Lambert, P.S. (2011) A review of data sources for studying social interactions between the incumbents of occupations, Stirling: School of Applied Social Science, University of Stirling: Technical Paper 2 of the ESRC research project 'Social Networks and Occupational Structures'.

Conference presentations

Apr 2010 Lambert, P., and Griffiths, D. (2010) Social Networks and Occupational Structure. Paper presented to the British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Glasgow Caledonian University, 7/4/2010

Apr 2011 Griffiths, D. and Lambert, P.(2011) Dimensions and Boundaries: Comparative analysis of occupational structures using social network and social interaction distance analysis (text; slides). Paper presented to the Spring meeting of the ISA Research Committee 28 on Social Stratification and Mobility, University of Essex, 13-16/4/2011.

Sept 2011 Griffiths, D. and Lambert, P.(2011) Occupational Marriage Networks in the USA, 1970-2010 (text; slides). Paper presented to: Social Stratification Research Seminar University of Stirling, 1-2/9/2011, and Applications of Social Networks Analysis (ASNA) 2011 University of Zurich & ETH Zurich, 13-16/9/2011

Nov 2011 Lambert, P., Griffiths, D., and Tranmer, M.(2011) Structural analyses of occupational homogamy (slides). SOFI, Stockholm, 14/11/2011.

March 2012 Griffiths, D. and Lambert, P.(2012) Strong and Weak Ties as Predictors of Occupational Position (slides). Paper presented to: Sunbelt XXXII Redondo Beach, California, 12-18/3/2012.

April 2012 Lambert, P., Griffiths, D., Zijdeman, R., Maas, I.; van Leeuwen, M.H.D. (2012) Comparing network and association models in the analysis of historical patterns of occupational interactions and stratification (slides: ppt/pdf). Paper presented to: European Social Science History Conference University of Glasgow, Scotland, 11-14/4/2012.

Sept 2012 Griffiths, D., Lambert, P.S. & Tranmer, M. (2012) Multilevel modelling of social networks and occupational structure (text; slides) Paper presented to: Applications of Social Networks Analysis (ASNA) 2012 University of Zurich, 4-7/9/2012.

May 2013 Griffiths, D., & Lambert, P.S. (2013) Analysis of social network analysis on historical data (slides: ppt /pdf). Paper presented to: Intensive Workshop: Using the Cambridge Group Family Reconstitutions, Unviersity of Cambridge, 14-15/5/2013.


Apr 2012 Lambert, P., and Griffiths, D. (2012) Introduction to the analysis of large-scale data on social connections. Scientific Research Network Historical Demography, Utrecht University, 26/4/2012.

Sept 2012 Lambert, P., and Griffiths, D. (2012) Introduction to analysing social connections and occupational structure. University of Cambridge, 12/9/2012.