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This page contains details of documents such as conference papers that are in a provisional form and of other preliminary work. Anyone wishing to reference them is asked to consult the authors before doing so.



Websites for ongoing projects:

GEODE - Grid Enabled Occupational Data Environment: Wider ranging resource for occupational data, which includes some facilities specifically oriented to CAMSIS scales (commenced 2005, currently funded by ESRC until 2011).

HIS-CAM - Stratification scales in the nineteenth century: Since 2004, we have been involved in work using hisotrical marriage records from the period 1800-1938 in order to estimate CAMSIS scales for this period in 6 countries.

Inter-generational mobility patterns: Between 2003-2007 we worked on an ESRC funded project "Long-run changes in the significance of social stratification in Britain". The link leads to a webpage describing this research further.

Intra-generational mobility patterns: Short comment on a preliminary investigation into the use of job-transitions data within the CAMSIS approach (commenced 2002).


Selected unpublished draft papers / conference presentations:

P.S. Lambert and W. Bottero (2008), 'Understanding social stratification through social interactions between occupations: The CAMSIS approach', presentation slides for the conference 'Occupational Stratification: Social change and methodological issues’, University of Eastern Piedmont, 13-14 May 2008 (ppt slides).

P.S. Lambert, R. Zijdeman,  I. Maas, K. Prandy and M. van Leeuwen (2006). 'Testing the universality of historical occupational stratification structures across time and space'. Presented at ISA RC28 on Social Stratification and Mobility, Nijmegen, May 11-14 and

P.S. Lambert, K. Prandy, and M.M. Bergman, (2005). 'Specificity and Universality in Occupation Based Social Classifications'. Paper presented to First meeting of the European Association for Survey Research, Barcelona, 18-22 July 2005 (direct download, pdf). (a paper which develops aspects of this conference paper is published in International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 2008 - see bibliography)

K. Prandy, M. Unt and P.S. Lambert (2004) 'Not by degrees: Education and social reproduction in twentieth century Britain', Paper presented to ISA RC28, Neuchatel, 7-9 May 2004 (draft paper pdf).

K. Prandy, P. S. Lambert and M.M. Bergman (2002) National Contexts and Cross-National Comparisons of Structures of Social Stratification. Paper presented at ISA IVth World Congress of Sociology, RC20 Panel 16, July 7-13th Brisbane, Australia

P.S. Lambert, K. Prandy and M. M. Bergman (2002) CAMSIS Project Report: CAMSIS Swiss occupational unit score constructions, Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Cardiff, 28pp

K. Prandy and P.S. Lambert (2001) A comparative measure of social stratification based on patterns of occupational homogamy Paper presented to the 5th Conference of the European Sociological Association, University of Helsinki 31 August 2001




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