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CAMSIS: Sweden / Sverige

With funding support from the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research
(Forskningsrådet för Arbetsliv och Socialvetenskap)
Before downloading the tables, users are recommended to read:
Accessing and using CAMSIS scale scores
The construction of CAMSIS measures
  version 1.0; author: Paul Lambert and Erik Bihagen; released on: 7 September 2012    
SYK*Class (specially requested)
  version 1.1; author: Paul Lambert and Erik Bihagen; released on:4 February 2003 version 1.1; author: Paul Lambert and Erik Bihagen; released on: 4 February 2003 version 0.1; author: Paul Lambert ; released on: 9 February 2009

2001-2007 Occupational register data (via SUNSTRAT project)

1990 Census


2001-2007: 0.95M Male-Female within household both working adults (aged within 15yrs)

1990: 1.1M Husband-Wife employed couples

Occupational classification

2001-7: ssyk96 (Swedish classification of occupations 1996) (with link available to ISCO-88)

1990: NYK Nordic Classification of Occupations, 1983 version as implemented in the 1990 census. There is also a version based on a translation to the Internaional Standard Classification of Occupations 1988. (Details.)

Employment status 1990: Self-employed vs employee (Categories)

Occupational Classification

The 2001-7 version is for the 1996 SSYK Swedish occupational classification. The 'details' file includes English language value labels and a number of other occupation-based measures linked to the data, including ISCO-88 (SSYK96 corresponds broadly with ISCO88 3-digit).

The 1990 Swedish CAMSIS version has been constructed on the Nordic Standard Classification of occupations 1983 schema as implemented in the 1990 census. This differs slightly from the original NYK83. Information on the NYK units, including text value labels and a note on the difference from the original NYK83, can be found on the related CAMSIS page concerning occupational unit information.

On those pages we also show an approximate translation from NYK83 to ISCO88. We have used this to produce Swedish CAMSIS scores for ISCO88 units. There are some limitations on how accurately a translation can be made between these schemes, however, because many NYK categories straddle more than one ISCO88 category.

Employment status categories

The Swedish 2001-7 version does not differentiate by employment status.

The Swedish 1990 CAMSIS version only differentiates two types of employment status but the category values used on the index files should be noted :

Swedish schema ('seempst') :

0 Unknown
2 Employee
4 Self-employed

Standardised schema ('stdempst') :

0 Unknown
1 Self-employed
6 Employee

Version 1.1 (1990):

This version for 1990 (February 2003) replaces release 1.0 available since April 2002, correcting an error made in the construction of the downloadable index files (a few scores derived for categories which were treated as 'pseudo-diagonals' during the modelling of the social interaction process, were wrongly assigned to the general occupations instead of the scores for the non=pseudo-diagonal combinations). The error affects the scores of most occupations only very slightly, about the only noticable difference being alteration to the values assigned to female agricultural workers.


We have used Swedish CAMSIS versions as examples of distributing and analysing data in work associated with the GEODE and DAMES projects (which are concerned with occupational information more generally).


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