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CAMSIS: Romania 2002

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'SONOCS' versions

Links to scales for the 2002 unit-group, microclass units, and occupation-by-education combinations (as described in Griffiths and Lambert 2011)

  version 1.0; author: Paul Lambert; released on: 21 December 2008 version 2.0; author: Paul Lambert and David Griffiths; released on: 23 May 2011
  Version 1 information
2002 Census, accessed via IPUMS-International,




Analysis was standardised on the population of adults with jobs within the 2002 census (840971 individuals).

CAMSIS scale derivations performed on sub-population of both-working heterosexual cohabiting couples (221950 couples).

Occupational classification:

International Standard Classification of Occupations 1988

(ISCO-88) (details).

Note: ISCO-88 occupation 110 (armed forces) is not represented in the scale construction process and is given a missing value for CAMSIS scale score in the index files above.

Additional scales (version 2) for the 2002 unit, microclass units, and occupation-by-education combinations are available from the US CAMSIS 'SONOCS' versions (as described in Griffiths and Lambert 2011)

Status in employment:

Three category scheme (variable 'empst3'):

0 - Unknown Employment Status

1 - Self-employed with employees [in ISCO88 major group 1]

2 - Self-employed without employees (own account)

3 - Employee

(See ).

Note: Derived from the IPUMS unharmonised variable 'classwkd'. For the Romanian IPUMS data, the category 1 (self-employed with employees) is only represented in ISCO-88 major group 1. For practical purposes, we recommend that the cateogry 2 be used for self-employed with employees in other ISCO-88 major groups.

Author/construction notes:

Version 1 scale generated December 2008 by Paul Lambert, Univ. Stirling, using Stata correspondence analysis routines.

The Version 2 scale, released in May 2011, uses less occupational detail (occupations only, disregarding employment status), but does have the attraction of enabling comparisons between ISCO and microclass units.


Users may find it helpful to read our generic notes on:

Accessing and using CAMSIS scale score index files
The construction of CAMSIS measures

Occupational Classification

Details of the ISCO-88 four-digit values used are available from the ILO website. There are also further comments on ISCO schema in the 'occupational unit handling' section of these webpages.


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