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A scale for contemporary Italian data has been constructed and assessed through analysis of 2006 Labour Force Survey Data, by a team from Italy and the Netherlands.
Research :
Deborah de Luca University of Milan
Cinzia Meraviglia University of Eastern Piedmont
Harry Ganzeboom Free University Amsterdam


Download the scales

SPSS data format: camsis-it.sav

Stata data format: camsis-it.dta

MS Excel format: camsis-it.xls

Plain text format: camsis-it.dat


Citation requests

To cite the scale please use:

De Luca, Deborah, Cinzia Meraviglia & Harry B.G. Ganzeboom (2009), “Misurare la stratificazione occupazionale: due metodi e due scale a confronto”. Manuscript under review.
De Luca, Deborah, Cinzia Meraviglia & Harry B.G. Ganzeboom (2010), “Construction and Validation of a relational scale of occupational status for Italy". Manuscript under review.
Data 2006 Labour Force Survey
Cases 26k both-working married couples + + +
Occupational classification

CP2001 (Italian national classification of occupations 2001)

Coding frames in Italian and English (xls)

Coding frame in English (Stata code)

3-digit and 2-digit levels used, with 2 additional categories coded:

     991 'Family helpers in medium and large firms'

     992 'Family helpers in small firms'




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