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CAMSIS: Switzerland / Suisse / Schweiz

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Accessing and using CAMSIS scale scores

The construction of CAMSIS measures

  version 2.1; author: Paul Lambert, Max Bergman and Ken Prandy; released on: 4 February 2003 version 2.1; author: Paul Lambert, Max Bergman and Ken Prandy; released on: 4 February 2003


Data 1990 Census
Cases 440,000 Husband-Wife employed couples
Occupational classification (a) ISCO-88Com (1988) 
(b) Swiss census (1990) classification
Employment status See below
Status in Employment
Occupational Classification

Note on version revisions

Employment Status:

The index files of scores allow for status in employment to be coded in two ways, as listed below. The first uses those categories that are conventionally distinguished in Swiss occupational data; the second uses those constructed categories that we derive in order to provide scores that are compatible with other groupings that are used in international comparative studies (see the fuller discussion in the web page on Status in Employment).

Switzerland (CH)
0 Not available, not known etc. (derived from categories 1 to 3) Not available, not known etc. (CH category 0)
1 Self-employed (including employee of own PLC/LLC) Self-employed (all) (derived from CH categories 1 and 2)
2 Family firm worker Self-employed (principal) (CH category 1)
3 Employee  
5   Family assistant (CH category 2)
6    Employee (CH category 3)

Occupational Classification

The original Swiss occupational classification, Berufliche Tatigkeit/Activite Proferssionnelle (here termed BTAP), is a five digit classification.

CAMSIS scores for ISCO-88 occupational categories were derived from BTAP by translation. Details of the linkage file and other files relevant to occupational data can be found on the CAMSIS page dealing with occupational classifications. Because BTAP has a greater level of detail than (its translation into) ISCO-88, we would expect the CAMSIS scores based upon the former to be more satisfactory.

Version 2.1:

Version 2.1 (February 2003) replaces release 2.0 available since April 2002, correcting an error made in the construction of the downloadable index files (a few scores derived for categories which were treated as 'pseudo-diagonals' during the modelling of the social interaction process, were wrongly assigned to the general occupations instead of the scores for the non=pseudo-diagonal combinations). The error affects the scores of most occupations only very slightly, about the only noticable difference being alteration to the values assigned to female agricultural workers. Release 2.0 had earlier replaced release 1.0 (available February 2002-April 2002). The difference between these release was the rescaling of the CAMSIS scores to have a mean of 50 and standard deviation of 15, with the additional constraint of fitting within the range 1 to 99. Any users who downloaded the earlier versions should preferably update.

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