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CAMSIS: Spain / España

A CAMSIS scale construction for Spain using 2002 data has been available since September 2004.

 Before downloading the tables, users are strongly recommended to read:

Accessing and using CAMSIS scale scores
The construction of CAMSIS measures
Download CAMSIS files: SPAIN 2002 CNO-94
  version 1.0; author: Paul Lambert and Jorge Rodriguez; released on: 3 September 2004
Research collaborators / Colaboradores en la investigación :
Dr Jorge Rodriguez University of Kent

Data 2002 Labour Force Survey 1st Wave
Cases 19,621 cases: all husband-wife married couples with non-missing data on either current or previous occupation
Occupational classification CN0-94: Spanish national classification of occupations from 1994 (value labels). The CNO94 units are in large part equal to ISCO-88 3-digit minor groups. Score averages for CNO94 subgroups are also available, which correspond to ISCO-88 major and submajor groups
Employment status

We use the following 4 category schema based upon available variables:
1: Self-employed with employees;
2: Self-employed without employees;
3: Family worker;
4: Employee

Other classification Approximate translation to ISCO-88 is implicit in CNO-94. More details may be added.
Current status Available for download since September 2004
Other comments (To be added)

Note: We also produced a derivation file using a small subsample from 1980 data, at the level of submajor groups only (2-digit) on the ISCO-68 occupational scheme. This is not an 'official' release of a CAMSIS version, but interested users are welcome welcome to contact us - Jorge Rodriguez or Paul Lambert - for further details.

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