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CAMSIS: Portugal

There are two versions of CAMSIS scales based upon data for Portugal. One is based on 2011 data for ISCO-08 3-digit units, the other is based on data from 1995-2000 from the CHER database, for ISCO-88 2-digit categories. Note that the latter uses a small number of occupational categories and a relatively small sample size.



Portugal ISCO-08

(3-digit, using 2011 data)


Downloadable index files:

Stata format;

Plain text;

MS Excel format

Author: Paul Lambert; released 2 Jun 2018

Additional documentation: Stata format do file documenting scale construction; Stata format file with value labels for ISCO-08 units ; information on ISCO-08

Description: Based upon analysis of marriage patterns for both-working couples within the Portuguese data for 2011 that is included in the IPUMS-I dataset. The analysis generating this CAMSIS version is reported upon, as an illustrative case study, within Chapter 6 of Lambert and Griffiths 2018 (publisher's website).

Portugal ISCO-88

(2-digit, using 1995-2000 data)


Downloadable index file:

Version 1.0; author: Paul Lambert; released on: 6 January 2003

Additional documentation: Materials on CAMSIS versions based upon CHER data ; information on ISCO-88

Description: Based upon analysis of marriage patterns between Portuguese couples recorded within the CHER dataset (CHER was a harmonisation project using household panel surveys from several European countries. Further information on CAMSIS scales based upon the CHER datasets.)





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