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CAMSIS: Netherlands/ Nederland

At present we have a file below which gives versions of a related scale for the period 1985, constructed by Bakker. This version is broadly comparable with the other CAMSIS measures. However, it pre-dates them and was not constructed in precisely the same way. The original values (see Bakker 1993) have been rescaled to be consistent with other CAMSIS measures.

Before downloading the tables, users are strongly recommended to read:
Accessing and using CAMSIS scale scores
The construction of CAMSIS measures
  Author: B.F.M. Bakker (1993) (rescaled version above generated by Paul Lambert and released on 12 December 2002)
Data 1985 Labour Force Survey
Cases 70,805 (after reweighting)
Occupational classification (details below)
Status in employment Employee/self-employed

Users of the above scale for 1985 are asked to cite the research article which describes it:

  • Bakker, B. F. M. (1993). A new measure of social status for men and women: the social distance scale. Netherlands Journal of Social Sciences, 29, 113-129.


  • We have plans to generate a CAMSIS scale for detailed occupational unit groups using recent Dutch data in the coming months [Sep 2012].
  • Another SID scale for 26 occupational groups for the Netherlands has also recently been generated by Kraaaykamp, van Eijck and Ultee, described in the following chapters:
    • Kraaykamp, G., van Eijck, K., & Utlee, W. (2010). Status, class and culture in the Netherlands. In T. W. Chan (Ed.), Social Status and Cultural Consumption (pp. 169-203). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    • Chan, T. W. (2010). The social status scale: Its construction and properties. In T. W. Chan (Ed.), Social Status and Cultural Consumption (pp. 28-56). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Occupational Classification

The table below shows the values of the occupational unit groups originally used. The CAMSIS version uses only groups 1 to 81, with separate scores for the self-employed, where applicable. It does not include the scores for those not in employment.
001roadman, streetcleaner, hodman
002warehouse porter, docker, loader, packer
003postman, mail clerk
004street vendor, delivery man
005charworker, laundrette manager and personnel
006guard, janitor, fireman
007farm, agricultural worker
008quality inspector: industry, production tester
009operator, assembler: glass and pottery industry
010operator, assembler: metalworks industry
011operator, assembler: woodworks industry
012operator, assembler: paper industry
013operator, products maker: chemical, rubber and plastic industry
014operator, products maker: textile and leather industry
015electrical and electronics operator or fitter
016printer, pressman
017construction worker, spray painter (not in 21)
018crane, bulldozer or switchboard operator
019motor mechanic, machine assembler
021construction painter, maintenance man
022butcher, baker and other food processors
023driver, transport equipment operator
024receptionist, guide
025auxiliary nurse (not in 44)
026telephone operator, legal and insurance clerk
027shop assistant, wholesale trade salesman
028(nurse)maid, housekeeper, hairdresser
029cook, kitchen personnel
030waiter, bartender
032manager: general or specialised farm
033computer programmer
034mechanical or electrical technician (not in 20)
035civil engineering technician
037tailor, cabinet maker
038refining machine operator
039(precision) instrument maker
040supervisor production; general foreman
041supervisor transport and communications
042medical technicians, practical aid pharmacy
043practical aid medical practice
044professional nurse
045secretary, typist, bank employee
046commercial traveller (not in 61)
047manager catering and lodging services
048supervisor housekeeping in hotel, hospital
049commercial artist, designer, photographer
050police, army personnel (not civilian)
051teacher (pre-)primary and special education
052life and physical science technician
053(computer) system analyst
054traffic planner, engineer and technologist (not in 55, 56, 69, 70)
055industrial engineer
056aircraft or ship's officer
057physio-, occupational therapist
058bookkeeper, counterclerk
059production manager (not in 32)
060insurance agent, sales supervisor (not in 46, 78)
061technical salesman, auctioneer, appraiser
062clerical supervisor
063social worker, personnel specialist
064journalist, writer, pr-officer
065artist, performer (not in 49, 64)
066professional sportsman, coach
067teacher secondary and higher education
068worker, minister in religion
069physical and life scientist
070architect, civil and mechanical engineer
071medical doctor, pharmacist
072economist, accountant, market research analyst
073lawyer, government executive
074supervisor, head of department (not in 40, 41, 48, 60, 73)
075social scientist
076librarian, archivist, interpreter
077other scientist or professional
078shopkeeper, manager: not agricultural: without supervision of personnel
079shopkeeper, manager: not agricultural: supervises 1-9 persons
080shopkeeper, manager: not agricultural enterprise: supervises >9 persons
081clerical workers not elsewhere classified
082self-employed driver, shipmaster
083self-employed printer, carpenter, bricklayer
084self-employed baker, motor mechanic, building contractor
085self-employed hairdresser, beauty specialist
086self-employed farmer
087self-employed working owner cafe, bar
088self-employed commercial artist, designer, photographer
089self-employed physiotherapist, chiropodist
090self-employed bookkeeper, house agent, insurance broker
091self-employed teacher, journalist, interpreter
092self-employed artist, performer (not in 88)
093self-employed architect, civil and mechanical engineer
094self-employed medical doctor, pharmacist
095self-employed economist, accountant, lawyer
096shopkeeper: not agricultural enterprise: without employees
097shopkeeper: not agricultural enterprise: with 1-9 employees
098shopkeeper: not agricultural enterprise: with >9 employees
099jobless, looking for a job: unemployed, after losing job
100jobless, looking for a job: unemployed, looking first job
101jobless, looking for a job: pupil, student
102jobless, looking for a job: homemaker
103jobless, looking for a job: disabled
104jobless, not looking for a job: pupil, student
105jobless, not looking for a job: homemaker
106jobless, not looking for a job: disabled

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