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CAMSIS: Luxembourg

The only current version for Luxembourg is a scale based on ISCO-88 2-digit categories, using data available from the CHER datasets. It is not wholly satisfactory in several respects, particularly the small number of occupational categories and the small size of the samples used. It is made available on the basis of there being no other measure at present.


Further information on the CHER datasets.

Before downloading the tables, users are strongly recommended to read:

Accessing and using CAMSIS scale scores

The construction of CAMSIS measures

  version 1.0; author: Paul Lambert; released on: 6 January 2003

Update: Andreas Heinz, of the research unit INSIDE at the University of Luxembourg, is currently hoping to develop a more extended CAMSIS version for Luxembourg in the near future. We hope to post an update if that work develops further [9/SEP/2012] .


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Last modified 9 September 2012
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