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CAMSIS: Britain 2010-12
A CAMSIS scale has been generated for Britain using LFS data for the period 2010-2012.
Data 2010-2012 Quarterly Labour Force Survey
Cases 67315 both-working male-female within household cohoabiting couples from QLFS over 4th quarter 2010-1st quarter 2012
Occupational classification Standard Occupational Classification 2010 (SOC2010)
Employment status

5(+1) categories of the 'empstat' scheme.

0       No information on employment status

1       Self-employed, 10+ employees

2       Self-employed, 1-9 employees

3       Self-employed, no employees

4       Supervisors

5       Employees


Before downloading the tables, users are recommended to read:

Accessing and using CAMSIS scale scores

The construction of CAMSIS measures


  version 1.0; author: Paul Lambert; released on: 8 September 2012


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