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CAMSIS: Australia
The Australian scales have been constructed and analysed by the Australian CAMSIS partners. Full details are available from their Life Course Project website (follow the 'ANU Scales' link). A provisional modified version, changed very slightly so as to make it directly comparable with other CAMSIS scales can be downloaded below.
Before downloading the tables, users are strongly recommended to read:
Accessing and using CAMSIS scale scores

The construction of CAMSIS measures

  author: Frank Jones and Julie MacMillan; released on: 12 December 2002
Data 1996 Census (100%: special tabulations)
Occupational classification ASCO-2 (truncated)
Employment status None  

If using this scale, please cite the research article which describes it:

  • Jones, F. L., & McMillan, J. (2001). Scoring Occupational Categories for Social Research: A Review of Current Practice, with Australian Examples. Work, Employment and Society, 15(3), 539-563.


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